Credit Card Theft By Paul Gordon


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This NEW packet card trick is very visual; aided by a very nice patter line. Paul Gordon USES this at most laymen shows. It's pretty easy to do...and ends CLEAN! The reset is snappy, too.

Effect: Four cards (a four of a kind - i.e., the four Kings) are shown and magically leap about in the packet. The last King, however, magically appears with a credit card logo on its back; made logical by some fun patter! The patter: "Have you ever seen a street-corner cardshark? Three-card Monte and all that? Well, in the old days it was often performed with a four of a kind [name and display your cards]. The cardshark would take, say, the King of Hearts, move it to second from top and get you to place a small bet as to its position. You'd lose?It would always be back to top. He'd then put the King of Spades on the bottom, and after you'd laid a bigger bet - it too would be back on the top. You'd always lose! Often, he get the cards to do acrobatics. You'd swear - and bet - the King of Diamonds was face down, but it would magically turn face up. You'd always lose! Now you can't bet on just the King of Clubs - not even with a credit card."

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