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Why a Fairy Tale? Well, Q and A is the most powerful psychic routine, some say... But, is it, and how can it be, and what is the SIMPLEST way to do Q and A.... The answer to these questions and more is in this little monograph.

A small 12 page booklet, this gem offers one of the simplest versions of Q and A that allows you to know the NAME of the person who wrote a question, and their exact question. You also have this information BEFORE you step onto the stage and have time to read through all of the questions and formulate the best possible answers before you stand before your audience. If you prefer, you can also wing it, getting the information right in front of everyone moments before you answer their thought of question.

No Stooges. No Impression Devices. This also addresses the issue of dead time while people write and collect questions. There is NO DEAD TIME! No collecting questions in envelopes IN FACT here is what it looks like to the audience:

The performer steps forward and asks the chairman or host of the evening to stand; He or She is to correct the performer if anything he says is incorrect.

The performer explains that he holds in his hand a stack of cards with names (Or a printed list if you prefer.) These names were given to the performer by the chairman or host. The names are of people attending that evening who have agreed to participate in a demonstration of mind reading. Each of those people is thinking of a personal question, something they would like an answer to regarding their lives or futures. The performer has not been allowed to talk to any of those people, and their questions have not been shared with ANYONE. The Chairman/ Host confirms that all that is correct and places a sealed envelope onto the stage.

Within the envelope are the written questions of the spectators in the audience. The Host confirms that they have not been out of his or her possession and NO ONE, including the host has read any of those questions since they were sealed within the envelope. The host has not shared or communicated the contents of any of the questions in ANY WAY with the performer or anyone else. He has ONLY provided a list of names of those people.

That aside, the performer runs through the stack of names, asking one of the people to stand. Then, with PINPOINT accuracy, the performer is able to read their minds and tell them the exact nature of their question. Following that, he offers his psychic impressions of that question in all seriousness, or perhaps somewhat tongue in cheek.

In an alternative presentation, the spectators do not reveal their names, so they are free to ask more intimate questions.

This little manuscript teaches this Super Simple method, explores the challenges and weaknesses of Q and A, and more.

A must for those in search of the perfect Q and A routine for them!


"A very clever, simple and practical method for the bold performer that made me smile when I read it. I have to give it two thumbs up for sheer audacity." - John Riggs

"I've used a system which is similar to this, but Super Simple Q & A takes this to a whole new level. You don't have to worry about center tears or billet switches. There is no need for special clip boards or other unique devices. You don't have to use preprinted forms which may seem specially prepared for a trick. You can use index cards or business cards. I like this and can't wait to try it in performance." - Randy Schostag, Psychic Entertainer

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